Katie Peterson Poised to Heat Up Figure Stage

Figure girl Katie Peterson brings a fierce look of confidence to the studio coming soon.

Katie's great physique and fierce confidence comes to the studio soon.

The streak of hot young talent blazing towards the studio this summer won’t catch Katie Peterson by surprise. This ravishing figure newbie from the Windy City features a superbly conditioned physique engineered to excel even as the mercury rises.

A personal trainer and fitness model, the 5-foot-4, 118-pound raven-haired beauty is also a Bikram Yoga aficionado. For those of you wondering, Bikram Yoga — rooted in India and also called “Fire Yoga” — is an unconventional but distinctly challenging method of the popular workout in which daring exercise enthusiasts endure 90-minute stretching and flexibility routines in sauna-like conditions.

Katie's tremendous upperbody definition really explodes when she flexes.

Katie shows off her tremendous upperbody definition.

Extreme? With the thermostat cranked as high as 115-degrees, it’s easy to think so. But this is an interesting page out the hardcore book of training to be a star in a sport — whether it’s figure, fitness or bodybuilding — that always commands pushing oneself beyond the limits.

And it’s precisely where the healthiness of a competitor like Katie — who began her athletic journey playing softball and as a sprinter in track and field — reaches sublime. Here’s a girl strong enough to lift weights until her muscles quake, capable of doing cardio until her legs are numb, and even the cool-down is intense.

Scratch Katie’s showing at the Junior Nationals — she shined on stage in front of a home crowd, but didn’t place in her class — because a pro card is definitely within her grasp.

Sitting Pretty: An ab tease and somewhat mischievous smile from our radiant new figure star.

Sitting Pretty: An ab tease and coquettish smile from our radiant new figure star.

We caught up with the rising star after the show and the highlights of her breathtaking physique — sexy, rippling abs bulging through a tight, sporty orange shirt; subtle yet explosive upper body vascularity, including veins looping up, down and over her biceps — will warm the hearts of feminine muscle fans.

She even has a gorgeous set of traps, which I playfully encouraged her to flex in this quick sneak preview from our shoot. Still can’t decide which is more tantalizing, her traps or her smile, so call it a tie.

Look out for Katie! She could easily be the sleeper hit at her next show, the North Americans in August. She’s most certainly a hit on the studio.

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~ by Dean Sucich on July 11, 2009.

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