Figure Girl Sandy Scamman Returns to Stage, Studio

Dean's avatarFor fans of Sandy Scamman — and considering pictures like this, you‘d have to be pretty zany not to be one — there’s good news and better news to report today on the blog. The good news is fresh material from Sandy’s eagerly awaited sophomore shoot is in the can and coming soon to the studio. The better news is that it coincides with her stirring return to the figure stage.

Back in Action: After an injury forced her off the stage last year, Sandy is now healthy and competing again.

Back to Action: Sandy is healthy and competing again after recovering from an injury that forced her to miss last year.

Two weeks ago, Sandy finished third in her class at the NPC California Championships. It was her first show in over a year after dealing with a lower body injury that nearly forced the 40-year-old competitor and mother of two to hang up her figure heels entirely.

Recently, I caught up with Sandy and got the scoop on the injury that kept her out of action throughout ‘08. Turns out, she was recovering from an IT (Iliotibial tract) band issue, a thigh injury brought on by over-training. “One week before the 2007 USAs, I was barely walking due to the severity of the scar tissue buildup,” Sandy explained. “I seriously was unsure if competing was a certainty in my future.”

But the fiercely competitive Sandy was determined to get healthy enough to walk under the spotlights again. With help from pros and drawing on her own experience as a personal trainer — she is, after all, owner of Scamman Figure Training in her hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada — Sandy quickly adjusted her training to get the comeback ball rolling. She shared a detailed account of her new routine and results.

“I love lifting and have continued to lift,” Sandy said, “increasing multi-directional training to create a more functional, balanced body. Since that experience, I have incorporated active release therapies through my massage therapist and, of course, had chiropractic therapies to help me recover fully.

IFBB Pro Lisa Maloy is credited with helping Sandy in the gym.

IFBB Pro Lisa Maloy is credited with training Sandy in the gym.

“I have been working with two personal trainers, [IFBB Pro] Lisa Maloy last fall and currently Steve Estrada. We’ve been paying particular attention to filling out my delts, glutes and hamstrings for my next competitions as I felt they were needing to be fuller and rounder.

“My leg routine has been twice weekly for the last two months now,” Sandy continues. “I’ve included many variations of free weight mechanical squats, lunges, deadlifts, leg presses, leg curls, hip raises, plyometrics and track and stair sprints.

“I’ve recently incorporated some Glider training introduced to me by Steve. I’ve found the training to be extremely challenging, resulting in gains for my shoulders, back, chest, abs, quads and glutes which I’m proud of.”

She's Back! Look for new footage of the ultra cute Sandy coming soon to the studio.

She's Back! Look for new footage of the ultra cute Sandy coming soon to the studio.

Looking ahead, Sandy is anticipating a return to the USAs this summer, but on deck is a stop at the Nevada State Championships tonight in Reno. It promises to be a splendid homecoming for the rejuvenated Silver State star, who comes in at 5-foot-6 and a solid, contest-ready 130-pounds.

Good luck, Sandy and congratulations on an inspired comeback!

~ by Dean Sucich on June 6, 2009.

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  1. Read all about Sandy’s big win at the Nevada State.

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