Noel Clark Unveils New Website, Plans For Season

Standing Tall: NPC figure competitor Noel Clark.

Still Standing: NPC figure competitor Noel Clark looks to get back into contention for a pro card later this year.

These are very exciting times for Noel Clark. The figure competitor is currently putting the finishing touches on launching her new website, Maximum Fitness Consulting, to be the Internet hub for her personal training business. “I will be working with all fitness levels,” she told me recently, “from overweight to competitors as well as running posing clinics and boot camps.

I asked Noel briefly about competition plans for this season. “Honestly, I’m not sure,” she said. “I want to see how they judge the Junior USAs [this weekend] and Junior Nationals [next month] before I make a decision.

Noel was brimming with confidence, and rightly so, after coming within an eyelash of winning her class in Chi-town last summer. Subsequently, she seemed poised to capture the tall class at Nationals but was jolted instead with an inexplicable eighth-place finish at the Atlanta show.

Before taking her next turn under the spotlights, Noel is working on tailoring her physique to fit the latest preferred look. “I seem to have more muscle now than they are after so I am just trying to bring a few areas down a bit — especially my legs,” she explained.

I know you’re plugging your ears as if a loud siren just went off after reading that last quote. Understand, to adoring fans of Noel’s hard-earned and beautifully sculpted feminine muscle, “bring a few areas down a bit” sounds about as mellifluous as fingernails on a blackboard.

It gets even more incongruous considering we’re talking about a former standout University of Auburn soccer player. Asking Noel to tone down her legs is like asking a hockey player not to sharpen his skates.

Nevertheless, don’t dare count her out. Noel may be watching from the sidelines right now, “but at some point,” she said, “you will see me back up on that stage.

And she’ll be hungrier than ever.

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~ by Dean Sucich on May 23, 2009.

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