Fitness Universe Gallops Into Lone Star State

Abby Marie. Nuff' said.

Abby Marie. Nuff' said.

Abby Marie is so cute it makes me bonkers. But more on that later…

Looking for something to do this weekend? Fans down in Houston, Texas might want to check out the first leg on the Fitness Texas 2009 Tour — part of Fitness Universe — being held today at Hamman Hall on the campus of Rice University. The second show takes place in Fort Worth in August.

Promotional flyers hawking fitness and bodybuilding shows are generally an efficacious blend of info brushed with attractive stars but the one for this event is special because it includes a picture of the wonderfully sweet and lovely Abby, longtime favorite of this blog and the prettiest fitness girl from Texas.

Often an image like that of Abby splashed across the poster for a show is either a tribute to a competitor who comes from the home state or to recognize a previous champion of the show.

Or maybe it’s meant to salute an adorable, blonde-haired, slice of angel cake, fun-loving, ab-tastic, pear-crushing piece of precious fitness eye candy. Sometimes it’s even all of the above. Sometimes… oh, never mind.


by Dean / KrivStudios Blog

~ by Dean Sucich on May 16, 2009.

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