European Figure Champ Delights

Polish figure sensation Agata Radziwoniuk works legs during her shoot.

Agata Radziwoniuk works legs during her shoot.

Agata Radziwoniuk has legs and knows how to flex them! The 22-year-old Polish figure shortie — fresh from making waves overseas where she claimed a Nationals title and placed first overall at the World Amateur Championships last year — arrived stateside just in time to make a splash at the ’09 Arnold.

This highly athletic youngster came in with a particularly well-developed lower body, shaped by years growing up as a soccer player. Flexing on stage is usually a no-no in figure, but the fiery redhead wasn’t about to leave Columbus without proudly showing off a memorable pair of sliced quads that could have passed as concrete pillars.

The 22-year-old

The 22-year-old Euro-phenom poses for the camera.

Alas, in placing her out of the top ten among her class, the judges didn’t seem as enthusiastic about rewarding Agata’s great legs as she was about flexing them. Perhaps her level of muscularity jilted the scorekeepers insisting on a less bulky, more streamlined look.

Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to see what subtle adjustments Agata makes ahead of her next competition. She’s already in such prime condition that it’s probably just a matter of tweaking presentation to propel her right back on top of the figure pack.

With her world class legs, it's easy to forget "A-Radz" has impressive biceps, too.

With her world class legs, it's easy to forget soccer turned figure star "A-Radz" has impressive biceps.

There was no debate after the show. “A-Radz” was a clear winner for the studio, pumping iron and flashing an adorable, sweet smile during her photoshoot. This lovely European hardbody is definitely one to keep an eye on — with thoroughly impressive abs and arms to go along with those splendid quadriceps femoris.



~ by Dean Sucich on May 6, 2009.

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