Never a Bad Hair Day for Curvy Chameleon Tiffany Whitmore

by Dean / KrivStudios Blog

by Dean / KrivStudios Blog

Check out the delectable assortment of pictures on her myspace page and you’ll find Tiffany Marie Whitmore to be beautiful, fit and a curvaceous chameleon when it comes to hair color. Indeed, one of the great things about the alluring and unpredictable 28-year-old from Palm Harbor, Florida is that she has the dazzling looks to pull off any shade of locks — from flaxen or strawberry blonde, to cherry red or dark brunette — circling the spectrum with the playful efficacy of a kaleidoscope and the unpretentious sexiness of a classic Hollywood siren.

Such versatility no doubt gives Tiffany an advantage professionally. She does fitness modeling for Camp Muscle Bodywear, is a member of Tight Curves and — along with nationally-ranked figure competitor, fellow Floridian and studio starlet Joanne Murphy — is one of the many gorgeous and talented gals of the renowned Bombshell Fitness Team. She’s also a personal trainer with the kind of muscle that mesmerizes as it motivates.

Bully For Two:

Bully For Two: Tiffany Marie (right) models some Camp Muscle Bodywear with figure girl Nicole Franklin.

But Tiffany’s proudest accomplishments are beginning to unfold on stage as well. The blossoming 5-foot-5 figure athlete made steady improvements last year, competing regionally at the Coastal USA and Southern States and finishing with a fourth-place finish at the Tampa Bay Classic. Now that she’s had time to calm the rookie butterflies and polish a sparkling physique loaded with potential, this very likely will be Tiffany’s year to ascend into the national spotlight.

Better still, look for Tiffany to be in the Studio spotlight as she makes her debut with us soon.


~ by Dean Sucich on March 14, 2009.

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