Classic Jamie from the 2008 Arnold Expo

by Dean / KrivStudios Blog

by Dean / Kriv Studios Blog

There’s none better than exquisite fitness model Jamie Eason when it comes to a subject for a glossy, sexy physique photoshoot. In addition to countless others, the Texas cutie is a two-time cover girl (Sept. ’08, June ’07) for Oxygen magazine.

It’s ironic then, that the perky paragon of supreme health, natural beauty, tireless energy and feminine muscle is notoriously camera shy when it comes to flexing her magnificent biceps. Many will agree that a good flex from Jamie is so rare that when one comes, it deserves to be celebrated.

CoverGirl Muscle: It's always a treat when the adorable Jamie Eason flexes

Cover Girl Muscle: It's always a treat when the adorable Jamie Eason flexes.

Perhaps the secret to drawing Jamie out from her mysterious flexing reticence was revealed at last years Arnold Expo. In danger of being upstaged by the fit and quirky studio free spirit Matrisse — who nearly flashes more than just impressive biceps — Jamie lets loose with a memorable flexing barrage.

So without further delay, a tribute to the latest Ohio muscle party unfolding as I write with a classic moment from a year ago featuring one of its most appealing and popular stars. It’s unforgettable sights like these that drive fans to downtown Columbus by the swarms. What will happen this year?

~ by Dean Sucich on March 6, 2009.

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