Healthy Tina Durkin Returns to Pro Fitness Stage at Arnold Classic

by Dean / KrivStudios Blog

by Dean / KrivStudios Blog

Hoping to erase the memory of an injury-shortened season, Tina Durkin — 32-year-old fitness competitor and longtime studio cutie from Alexandria, Virginia — looks write the first chapter to a chronicle of triumph at the Arnold Classic this weekend. It will be the first competition for the 5-foot-3, 115-pound IFBB pro since undergoing surgery last April to repair a herniated disc in her lower back.

IFBB Pro Fitness Girl Tina Durkin

Studio Starlet: IFBB Fitness Pro Tina Durkin

The injury, which coincidentally occurred just weeks before last year’s Arnold, was initially suspected to be much less severe. Tina, overall fitness champ of the 2007 NPC Nationals, played through the pain to make her pro debut and went on to finish 11th.

“I thought that I just pulled a muscle so I continued training and competed anyway,” Tina told me recently. “I am so happy to be back to one-hundred-percent. I will never compete like that again.”

Tina was forced to take a four-month hiatus from working out but now feels better than ever, determined to rebound from the disappointing and painful turn last time through Columbus. “I am able to run faster, harder and longer than I ever have before,” she declares.

And while Tina hasn’t changed much about the way she trains, she adds that having back surgery taught her a few lessons. “I did become more aware of proper form and alignment which has made me stronger.”

Ready for Action: Tina returns to the fitness scene better than ever.

Ready for Action: Tina returns to the fitness scene better and stronger than ever.

As far as routines go, Tina told me she’s planning something fresh to really grab the judges attention. “I decided to try some fun music and a fun theme,” she said. “I loved my ‘New Miss Booty’ routine last year so I knew I had to do something memorable like that again.”

Of course, the Arnold is only Tina’s first stop — the New York Pro and Europa come next — on a comeback trail she hopes will eventually lead to Las Vegas and the Fitness Olympia in September. And after all she‘s been through, what a great story that would make.

Good luck, Tina!!


Tina’s website

Tina’s 2008 Arnold Classic Routine

Tina’s 2007 Nationals Routine


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One Response to “Healthy Tina Durkin Returns to Pro Fitness Stage at Arnold Classic”

  1. She did it!! Last night, Tina finished fifth in the Fitness International at the Arnold. She’s now qualified to compete in the Olympia this fall. Congratulations, Tina!

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