Interview With Fitness Girl Abby Marie

by Dean / Krivs Studio Blog

by Dean / Krivs Studio Blog

One of our brightest stars, Abby Marie, returns to the Studio in another surprise-filled new shoot coming soon. The “ab-licious” fitness standout from Texas resurfaced on the competitive scene last fall, amazingly just a few months outside of giving birth to her second baby girl.

Back in game condition last November during the big Fitness America Weekend at the venerable Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, Abby placed third in the Figure America Finals and took fifth in the Ms. Bikini America Finals. In addition to the Fitness America circuit, Abby is planning a possible debut on the NPC stage sometime this season.

Fortunately, I caught up with the busy Lone Star State native in time for her to reveal news of her latest project, Total Fitness Camp, which Abby will co-host along with fellow fitness friends Melissa Merritt and Brenda Mikalajunas. The all-day event designed for aspiring fitness and figure competitors is set to take place this Saturday, January 31st in her hometown of Austin. Visit the Natural Bodybuilding Events page for more details.

Abby shows why she is one of the best fitness girls to ever strike a pose.

Flex Focus: During her first photoshoot, Abby showed why she is one of the best fitness girls to ever strike a pose. More of her is just around the corner.

Dean: Abby, I know you are very passionate about being a positive role model and set a wonderful example for your family as one of the great “Fit Moms” in the industry. Has your older daughter, Kirsten, followed in mom’s footsteps yet with the beginning of a gymnastics career? What trademarks in her behavior or habits have you influenced by working out and staying healthy?

Abby: “Kirsten is 5½-years-old and absolutely loves being upside down. She takes gymnastics classes once a week and has already excelled to the next level class. She also enjoys eating healthy and knows the difference between healthy and junk food. She likes to eat what mommy’s eating — which is usually chicken and veggies, eggs and oatmeal, or snacking on a protein cookie.”

Dean: I’m sure many fans would agree you are a natural in front of the camera and an exquisite physique model. For instance, the way you sometimes pause just before squeezing your bicep — almost as if you’re giving a dramatic overture to that perfectly chiseled peak at the end — is a great example of your expressive, sexy yet playful style. Does this engaging talent come mostly from modeling experience or is there a special glow of confidence you feel when flexing your muscles?

Abby prepares to invoke her gymnastics background.

Beaming With Confidence: Abby prepares to invoke her gymnastics background.

Abby: “I’ve always enjoyed being in the spotlight. Stems from starting gymnastics at 3-years-old and being competitive from the 4th grade through college! I love flexing and seeing what you can achieve with diet, exercise and lots of drive!!”

Dean: Speaking of muscles and strength, we do enjoy a little fruit crushing now and then so I hope pulverizing a pear during your latest shoot was a fun experience. Was it too easy? Were there ever any other times — in the gym or even doing ordinary tasks — that you surprised yourself with your strength?

Abby: “The pear was a breeze — kinda felt silly doing it! At times I feel weak; I try to leave everything in the gym so once I get home I’m pretty tapped out!”

Dean: I’ve been a huge fan of fitness competitions ever since they began — athletes like you are epitome of femininity, energy, skill and superior health — so it delights me that you’re a part of the most entertaining show around. Do you know when and where you’ll be competing next? Are you targeting anything special in your training or planning on unveiling any new tricks for your routine?

Abby poses with her trainer, the reigning Figure America champ Melissa Merritt. The two friends both hail from the Texas capital city.

Austin Allies: Abby poses with her trainer, the reigning Figure America champ Melissa Merritt. The two friends both hail from the Texas capital city.

Abby: “Two other competitors and myself are putting on ‘Total Fitness Camp’ geared toward girls who want to compete or take fitness to the next level.

“Melissa, the overall winner at Figure America in Las Vegas and a close friend, encouraged me to focus on figure and compete in the NPC federation as well as Fitness America. She will be helping me with a diet and training plan for the West Texas show on March 28th in Lubbock, Texas; as well as the Fitness Atlantic on April 25th in New Haven, Connecticut.

“‘Mel-Mel’ is an awesome personal trainer and motivator. She’s a true athlete and gives everything she’s got! Can’t wait to see what comes of training with her — I know it will be nothing short of fabulous!!”

Dean: Abby, the fitness camp sounds like a fun and exciting event! I’m sure the girls who attend will have a great time and gain a lot of valuable knowledge from you, Melissa and Brenda. Thanks again for generously sharing your time and allowing me to interview you for our blog. Best of luck in your upcoming competitions and I hope we can talk again!


~ by Dean Sucich on January 27, 2009.

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