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How great a story was The Miracle on the Hudson? The brilliant, split-second thinking of a heroic pilot steering a packed jet without any engines clear of downtown buildings, bridges and other air traffic from at least three nearby airports; then, somehow at 170-mph bringing the 81-ton hulk down safely on the river where boats from both banks rush to the rescue within minutes.

I’m so proud of the brave crew and passengers and everyone in New York and New Jersey whose quick, selfless and decisive action saved lives.

* * *

It’s officially the coldest winter spell I can remember, a bitter deep freeze that plunged the mercury to an almost comical minus-22 overnight here in Chicago. This morning, I thought about how nice it would be to see the new Studio finally launched — and how nice it would be to feel my toes again — which seemed to trigger a moment of warmth that lasted all of two seconds.

* * *

It doesn’t get much better than eight minutes of Jennifer Rish posing her magnificently defined and shapely legs. I’m not familiar with this contributor, but nonetheless this is a loving and lengthy tribute to the phenomenally developed lower body of the stunning young fitness and figure competitor…

Here’s an interview with Shannon Trimble courtesy of TomNine taken at the Olympia. The Studio caught up with Shannon twice last year — first in Cleveland and later from the Nationals in Atlanta — so there’s plenty of additional footage of the young bodybuilder in the pipeline…

Casie Leigh is a 6-foot-2 figure girl from the Gopher State.

Tall Order: Casie Leigh is a 6-foot-2 figure girl from the Gopher State.

Finally, here’s a look at Minnesota’s Casie Leigh, an amazing blonde you’ll be hearing more from here soon. The quite reasonably self-proclaimed “World’s Tallest Figure Girl” is a towering 6-foot-2, 175-pound giantess with a bold personality and tremendous strength to match. The Studio wrapped up a shoot with the beautifully imposing, 23-year-old in December.


~ by Dean Sucich on January 16, 2009.

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