Bodybuilding’s Newest Supergirl

Lauren can be my hero anytime.

The Mighty Adorable Quinn: Lauren can be my hero anytime.

Bodybuilding adds another future star to an exciting young cast in the form of talented newcomer Lauren Quinn. The pretty and charismatic athlete is poised to make her stage debut sometime next year.

Lauren drew plenty of attention during her shoot at the recent Olympia. Fans flocked poolside at the Orleans hotel to get a glimpse of this highly engaging crowd pleaser with the show-stopping physique growing with as much potential as it is with muscle.

Flashing a warm smile throughout, Lauren modeled her curvy frame in a variety of sporty outfits — in blue, a scintillating traps pose; in black, irresistibly curling heavy iron; in pink, a long-sleeved side chest tease — delightfully showing off her fun side with more than a touch of celebrity panache.

And thanks to an uncanny resemblance to Heroes cutie Hayden Panettiere, celebrity becomes her. But with Lauren’s blue eyes and muscles distinguishing her from the small screen ingénue, she’s likely to become every female muscle lover’s true hero.



~ by Dean Sucich on December 31, 2008.

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