Hot NPC Star Joanne Murphy Blazing Up Figure Ranks

Dan Ray, Muscular

Joanne placed second in her class at the 2008 Nationals. Photo credit: Dan Ray, Muscular

If she keeps motoring down the track at her current pace, the Studio won’t be the only place Daytona Beach star Joanne Murphy whistles past on her road to figure’s upper echelon.

Considering the 30-year-old Sunshine State stunner recently finished the season as runner up in a deep class C at Nationals — which, at thirty-four competitors, was the most heavily represented group at the sprawling Atlanta show — the next logical stop for the 5-foot-4, 125-pound beauty will likely be to claim a spot in the IFBB pro ranks.

Judging by a promising contest history already steeped in top finishes, success for the versatile brunette with tantalizing blonde highlights isn’t a matter of if, but when.

In her home state last year, Joanne won the overall figure title at the All South Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure show in St. Augustine. Prior to that, the talented athlete showed off her strength and creativity as a fitness competitor — check out her playful, fiercely sexy cat-themed costume — and took second place in her class at the Junior USAs.

Moreover, Joanne has done her homework by working with some industry greats such as Shannon Dey. In addition to being an IFBB pro and chairperson of NPC events in Florida, Shannon hosts the Bombshell Fitness and Figure Academy, where aspiring competitors can polish their presentation and other requirements.

Joanne took part and in the camp and shared more in this excellent interview before Nationals. Her gentle, soft-spoken personality shines while her tight abs ripple teasingly with every breath like a contest-shape symphony.

Finally, Joanne appears equally lovely but a little less shy during this sizzling photoshoot over at Model Mayhem. It should be noted that some of the outfits in these samples are a bit on the skimpy side, not that it matters with a physique like Joanne’s.

Anyway, what fun would the holidays be without a little blend of naughty and nice?

Meow, Wow! -- Joanne performs a press hold during her fitness routine at the 2007 Junior USA.

Meow, Wow! -- Joanne performs a press hold during her fitness routine at the 2007 Junior USA.



~ by Dean Sucich on December 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Hot NPC Star Joanne Murphy Blazing Up Figure Ranks”

  1. Thanks for the awesome writeup! Don’t forget to check out Team Bombshell’s site too. There’s all sorts of fun stuff there!


    • Glad you liked my article, Joanne. Maybe we can do a follow-up to this piece after you earn that pro card later this year!!

      -Dean 🙂

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