Future Fitness Cover-Girl Thaws Winter Deep Freeze

Cozy as adding another log to the fireplace, Courtney Bynog made her photo debut on the Studio just in time to warm up winter’s initial icy chill. Pour some hot chocolate and enjoy a few highlights of the pulchritudinous figure girl from Pineville, Louisiana. She’s so worth cuddling up to.


My favorite new face of the site is a feminine muscle lover’s dream girl, a flaxen-haired Barbie doll with perfectly defined biceps chiseled into subtly split, shapely mountain peaks. This girl is bound for greatness. Can you believe it was only last March when she began working out seriously to compete in figure?…


While Courtney is still fresh in her new sport, the dramatic lines of her spectacularly well-developed back — already, in my opinion, one of the finest in all of figure — were written long ago during her days as a high school power lifter…


The Bayou State Beauty is also a breeder of Quarter Horses, a regal animal built for speedy, short distance sprinting and known for its strong, well-muscled body and powerful, rounded hindquarters. Luckily, we can see a lot of those details in the above pic without the horse.



~ by Dean Sucich on December 23, 2008.

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