Behind the Scenes with Natalie

Natalie's chiseled abs and sexy stare makes you want to drop what you're doing cold turkey.

Kentucky Blue Eyes: Natalie's chiseled abs and icy stare cast a hypnotic spell.

The folks at Muscle Mayhem chatted with our own Natalie Barnett just before her routine round at Junior Nationals over the summer. The subsequent interview is an entertaining glimpse of the delightfully engaging, 31-year-old bodybuilder on contest night.

In the lighthearted, behind the scenes exposé, Natalie discusses last minute suit touch ups, takes us on a tour of her makeup case, flashes a few quick poses and gives us a peek inside her travel cooler featuring several pre-cooked, carefully portioned turkey logs.

When it’s time for her to eat, the flaxen-haired princess with steely abs confesses to chomping the chewy but protein-rich meat blobs — the bodybuilding equal to fast food — straight from the cooler’s frosty depths.

There’s a message in there somewhere about dedication and all that but I hear the microwave beeping. My leftover pizza is ready.



~ by Dean Sucich on December 19, 2008.

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