Figure Girl Ann Titone — Coming Soon!


Since graduating from the regional scene by winning her class in both the Missouri State Ozark Bodybuilding Championship and Caveman Classic last year, Ann Titone, a 32-year-old figure girl out of St. Louis, has been busy introducing herself to the National stage.

In fact, the 5-foot-4, 122-pound chestnut-haired personal trainer and nutrition coach has twirled in enough competitions since February — the Arnold, Junior Nationals, USAs and Team Universe — to leave an ordinary person dizzy from all those quarter turns.

I’m pleased to announce that Ann will make her debut on the Studio soon. Meanwhile, she took a moment to answer a few questions just before wrapping up the year at Nationals…

Dean: Ann, your finish at this year’s Team Universe was your best so far on the national stage. Where will you be competing next and what kinds of things are you targeting in contest prep to help you improve even more?

Ann: “My next competition will be in May 2009. I plan to utilize this off season to bring the best package I can possibly present to the stage next year.”

Dean: Our fans are in for a treat when they see what a talented subject you are for a photo and video shoot. What kinds of feelings do you have towards flexing and showing your muscles?

Ann: “I love to be center of attention…however, believe it or not, I am kinda modest. I have worked very hard for these accomplishments so it doesn’t bother me at all to show a lil’ muscle here and there.”

Dean: Anything else going on in the life of a rising figure star that you’d be willing to share with us?

Ann: “I truly enjoy the feeling of improving my body and competing. I have a pretty normal life, I work 8-5 just like most of the world and train hard because nothing ever comes easy. Anything worthwhile takes a lot of effort and hard work!”

Dean: Thanks, Ann. Welcome to the Studio and good luck on stage next year. I hope we can talk again!


~ by Dean Sucich on November 29, 2008.

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