Rugby Star Lauren Quinn — Coming Soon!

After sampling a bit of women’s rugby on the omnipresent YouTube, it’s clear that the only thing more important than winning and losing is making sure a medic is on hand for the first fracture or concussion. Also high on the list is staging enough bandages, peroxide and ice packs for the inevitable flood of blood, sprains and bruises that follow each game. There may not be any first downs — or helmets — in the European root of football, but there certainly is first-aid.

Jeff Binnis

Lauren Quinn is coming soon to the Studio...and the bodybuilding stage! Click her pic to see a free gallery from HerBiceps. Photo credit: Jeff Binns

Enter Lauren Quinn, a 24-year-old fresh-faced beauty out of the Windy City and probably one of the last people you’d expect to participate in this fiercely competitive grudge match — even on the girls side, some violent hits have been known to spark tempers and boil over into pugilism — but dare not be fooled by her homecoming queen looks. Beyond Lauren’s girl next door cuteness lies a gritty, tough, passionate athlete whose leadership and talent helped her earn the captaincy of the women’s rugby team at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

Other highly distinguished accomplishments at her prestigious alma mater include a 2003 Newcomer Of The Year Award in Track and Field. Lauren was named best rookie among candidates from all ten schools in the Horizon League conference for field events.

Recently, Lauren was a popular catch at the Olympia — here she is sharing a flex with Wendy Lindquist for HerBiceps — and the Studio got in on the action as well, catching up with the sassy young blonde for a shoot in Las Vegas.

Also of note, as if wrestling that oblong ball away from her at the bottom of a scrum weren’t already hard enough, she’s about to get stronger. On tap for Lauren is a bodybuilding debut next year, proudly adding to the scene another pretty face from the City of Broad Shoulders. She’s definitely one to keep an eye on.



~ by Dean Sucich on November 12, 2008.

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