Laura Sutter Leads Pack of Pros Heading to Louisville

Laura Sutter looks pretty in pink.

Figure Junkie: Laura Sutter looks pretty in pink.

After taking a well deserved sabbatical last year to give birth to her first child, the always engaging Laura Sutter — with her big, enthusiastic smile and bigger, rock-like biceps — is back on the IFBB Pro scene. The proud mom of a new daughter is contest ready and looks to climb the standings when she takes the stage for the Kentucky Pro beginning today.

Ahead of her appearance in the finals at the recent Tournament of Champions, the Studio caught up with the 37-year-old from Maryland, capping a poolside shoot — here’s a teaser — with the sinewy, 5-foot-4 personal trainer. Laura went on to a solid, eighth-place finish at the Anaheim show.

It’s great to see this classy, longtime pro back in the mix. Check out Laura’s new website, too…

Also competing in the Bluegrass State this weekend, gorgeous Mandy Polk and Nadya Castellas, a brand new Kriv model coming soon to the Studio. Good luck, ladies!



~ by Dean Sucich on November 7, 2008.

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