Irongirl Lilli Ewing Wins Washington Ironman

Lilli poses outside Seattle.

Muscle Lady In Red: Lilli poses outside Seattle.

Bodybuilder Lilli Ewing dazzled the judges along the Puget Sound earlier this month, snatching the heavyweight and overall title at the Washington Ironman. Her big win came just one week after she dazzled our cameras — and anyone else that happened to be watching — with her amazing, signature vascularity and understated sweetness at the Olympia Expo.

It was the second time Lilli graced the stage in the Evergreen State this year. Last April at the Emerald Cup — the site of her Studio debut shoot — she placed fifth in the middleweight class.

Watch for more video of Lilli coming soon and in the meantime enjoy a teaser of the new champ!



~ by Dean Sucich on October 24, 2008.

One Response to “Irongirl Lilli Ewing Wins Washington Ironman”

  1. Lilli’s MySpace page is great. I wish young people (and older people too) would learn from her example. Her self discipline is admirable. Bravo!!!

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