Caution — Road Work Ahead

Sarah Hayes, the Minnesota bodybuilder with cover-girl looks, was a delightful presence during her shoot at Junior Nationals. With her striking physique and ebullient personality, she was like a walking billboard for positive endorphins — much like Jennifer Cowan — prompting smiles and shining a beacon on the magic of health and fitness.

No matter what the charming, 31-year-old did — whether it was scooping people off the ground like duffel bags, engineering take-all-comers clean sweeps in arm wrestling, or even just standing there — she turned heads and stole hearts.

Sarah's workout on the sidewalk is too sexy to be caught behind the wheel.

Drive Carefully: You wouldn't want to have been caught behind the wheel during Sarah's sexy sidewalk workout.

This fact could have been quite hazardous outdoors, particularly when Sarah launched into an impromptu, roadside workout with free weights. If you think drivers are already distracted enough — gabbing on cell phones, fussing with radio stations, wrangling coffee cups — imagine a gorgeous, 5-foot-6 brunette in a bikini top with peaking biceps and swelling veins pumping up on the corner.

Thank goodness it was only a sideroad and not a major thoroughfare. Thinking back, I might have felt sorry for the poor motorists that day — but I couldn’t take my eyes off Sarah.

Who could?

Sarah's steely strong 15-inch pipes never even register a quiver against 15-pound dumbells.

Iron Girl: Sarah's steely strong fifteen-inch pipes never even register a quiver against fifteen-pound dumbells.



~ by Dean Sucich on September 10, 2008.

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