Thumbs Up for Danielle Kifer’s Website Upgrade

Danielle's sparkling blue eyes, flowing blonde hair and heartbreaking smile -- and that stunningly peaked bicep -- will be on stage in New York for Team U, September 6th.

Tantalizing in Turquoise: Danielle brings her flowing blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and stunningly peaked bicep to the Team Universe in New York next weekend.

Figure girl Danielle Kifer — paragon of shapely muscle and beautiful femininity — has been in my top three of favorite models on the Studio since her debut. She might be in the clubhouse lead, too, after perusing the new content on her recently revamped website.

The site is flash intensive but quick loading, without any plodding excess to slow down users. It’s smooth and polished. Perhaps the only drawback — besides a lack of revenue-generating video content in the new members area — is that right-click is disabled, so you can’t save anything.

No matter. The look of a website should compliment it’s subject while attracting viewers and this one does. The Louisiana lassie greets fans in a gorgeous, glossy, contest-shape image on the homepage, one of many tucked neatly into inventive sidebars splashed throughout the purple pages.



~ by Dean Sucich on August 30, 2008.

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