Fresh Off Solid Finish at Jr Nats, Jennifer Toth Heads to Team Universe

The Sweetheart of the Steel City is getting ready to take on the Big Apple.

Figure girl Jennifer Toth — the 5-foot-4, 125-pound darling out of Pittsburgh, Pa. — leaves behind the famous Three Rivers of her hometown and heads to the east coast, traversing the mighty Hudson for the Team Universe on September 6th in lower Manhattan.

Another formidable NPC event, the sprawling show at the eponymous Tribeca Performing Arts Center in the trendy, downtown New York neighborhood swells with opportunity as well as competition — yielding two Pro cards for the top finishers in each class.

Cover Girl Pose: Jennifer glows during her sophomore shoot for the Studio in Chicago.

Jen brings a lot of momentum into this show, having just finished 5th at the Junior Nationals in a loaded “C” class of over thirty girls. The 29-year-old also has a strong history at Team U, just missing the top two last year after settling for 4th place.

Although capturing a Pro card is a quest that’s only narrowly eluded her up to this point, the same cannot be said about Jennifer’s career aspirations. The former gymnast and captain of the Varsity cheerleading squad — and also high school Valedictorian — continues to bolster an already highly accomplished resume. She’s currently pursuing a Master’s Degree as a Clinical Dietitian at Pitt University that will add to a Bachelor’s Degree, earned with honors, in Exercise Physiology and a personal training certificate.

Taking a moment from her very busy contest — and school — prep, the interminably sweet and friendly Jennifer let me catch up with her yesterday, getting an update on her training as well as the latest news on her intellectual pursuits. Many thanks to this raven-haired starlet of the Studio for her thoughts.

Dean: Jen, youʼve consistently placed among the top five in your class and seem, fingers crossed, on the precipice of earning a Pro card. With two in each class up for grabs at Team U, what changes have you made to your training and physique that you think will put you over this time?

Jen: “The overall intensity towards my training and diet have remained the same since Junior Nationals. I’ve been focusing more on developing my hamstrings and calves while still lifting heavy for shoulders, back and quads. Cardio has been between 90 and 120 minutes each day, split into two sessions. My morning cardio is usually incline treadmill walking and some sprints. For the second cardio, I usually do the stepper or elliptical or more incline treadmill walking.

“As for my physique, I am trying to present a more softer look. There is a fine line for me, within just a couple of pounds of bodyweight, of looking too lean. Along with training, I have been practicing my stage presence. The total package is what counts.”

Dean: Like most of the big shows, the stage will be full of great physiques separated by the slightest of details. Do you think it will come down to matters of conditioning and presentation? What kind of finishing touches — at the end of contest prep or even just before you walk out on stage — do you need to have an edge?

Jen is all smiles after placing 5th at Junior Nationals.

Radiant Jen is all smiles after placing 5th in her class at Junior Nationals. She's poised to be a top contender again at Team Universe next month.

Jen: “There will be so many competitors at Team U with awesome physiques. In the end, I really feel that first of all you must be conditioned. But the competitor with the best stage presence will ultimately walk away with the win. The smallest details (finishing touches) like suit, hair, makeup, jewelry, smile and self-confidence all are very important.”

Dean: I know youʼve been working towards your Master’s Degree. How are your studies coming? After New York, will you be taking time off from competitions to finish school or hitting the stage again soon?

Jen: “I will be starting my last semester for my Master’s Degree as a Clinical Dietitian on August 25th. So the last two weeks training for Team U will be the most difficult of them all. I will have thirteen credit hours of class along with completing a 900-hour internship over the next year. During the past few summer months I have been only working thirty-two hours a week at the hospital, so it has been pretty manageable to juggle training and dieting.

“As for plans after New York, I haven’t really thought about that yet. I am going to wait and see how things go there and also get settled into my internship before I make any definite plans… but I’ll be sure to keep you posted.”

Dean: Anything else going on in your life that you’d be willing to share?

Jen: “My life right now has been pretty focused on competing. I have been trying to enjoy some summer fun while still staying on track with contest prep. I am excited about starting my last semester for my Master’s Degree.”

Dean: Thanks again for your time, Jen. It was great meeting you in Chicago and I really hope you come out of the Big Apple with a Big Pro Card!!

Heavenly Body: Jen's dark hair cascades toward her beautiful back muscles as she looks out over the balcony in this dramatic shot. With her physique getting better all the time, the sky is the limit for this figure superstar.



~ by Dean Sucich on August 24, 2008.

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