Figure Girl Stephanie Michelle — Two-Way Threat On Stage, Singular Delight Off

One of the great performances of this year’s Contra Costa show was the terrific double play turned by figure girl Stephanie Michelle, who competed in both Open Figure (finishing second in the C class) and Masters Over 35 Figure (winning the B class).

Equally delightful if much less challenging was her dazzling duel role for our cameras in the Bay Area. Stephanie alternated skillfully between bicep curls and the sort of expert posing you don’t always get from some bodybuilders let alone figure girls.

Her dramatic facial expressions when she flexes — lots of sexy, steely glares that seem to thematically evoke strength and superiority — are brilliant, perfectly complimenting the sharp curves and chiseled peaks of her outstanding biceps. Stephanie’s like the beautifully muscled femme fatale you always want for the movies but never get.

And just to keep you guessing her mood, the beguiling brunette even changes tops, slipping off a dark, jet black tank to reveal a playful pink number underneath. I know… it’s just a casual outfit change. But still, the way Stephanie looks at you with those devastating brown eyes makes everything seem a little more mysterious and exciting.

Even a little dangerous.



~ by Dean Sucich on August 22, 2008.

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