Interview With Bodybuilder Amanda Folstad

Dean / Kriv Studios Blog

by Dean / Kriv Studios Blog

One might have thought a lifelong athlete like Amanda Folstad, who confesses to playing sports ever since she could walk — counting softball, volleyball and basketball among them along with water skiing, wake boarding and knee boarding — would have just came into the world with a health club membership affixed to her birth certificate. But the glowingly pretty, 5-foot-7 blonde from Mesa, Arizona didn’t exactly swoon when introduced to the gym as a teenager.

However, that was before she started seeing results. As Amanda continued working out, replacing extra pounds with energy and muscle, her passion grew. By the time she discovered the look of the girls in the pages of fitness magazines, it was clear a dream was blossoming.

Now 29, Amanda is really only getting started, going strong and getting stronger. The girl that once “hated” the gym now reveals that she sometimes works out more than she should because, “I seriously am addicted to it,” she says.

I interviewed Amanda, finding out why she shifted from figure to bodybuilding and getting her thoughts on training and her physique as well as a glimpse of what’s to come from one of our brightest stars of the Studio.

Dean: Amanda, you recently switched from figure to bodybuilding. What inspired the change and how do you feel about it so far?

Amanda: “I started in figure and right off the bat with my first show, was told I was just too muscular and too lean for Figure…So I tried Figure again, and tried to come in softer for my next show, however, that didn’t help me either!! And along with not helping me place better, I actually placed exactly the same as my first show, and at the same time, was not happy with how I came in. I liked being leaner and bigger…so after having everyone I talked to in the business tell me I should really give bodybuilding a try, I decided why not, let’s see where it will take me, and I’m so glad that I did!

“I LOVE to lift heavy and love muscle on the female physique. I had so much more fun with my first bodybuilding competition, actually getting to do something on stage other than quarter turns! My routine rocked and I had a great time doing it! I felt a lot more accomplished with competing in bodybuilding and enjoyed prepping for the show a lot more too. I actually tied for 1st place, ending up with 2nd being beat by just one point, final judges call!! But I did national qualify and am very excited about that!”

Dean: Your tandem photoshoot with Lauren Beckham for our Sisters in Arms series was sensational. It seemed like you had a really good time. What was that experience like? Are you two close friends “off camera” or was it just a splash of chemistry?

Amanda: “I did have fun with the shoot I did with Lauren! She was a fun gal to work with…I don’t know Lauren personally, just happened to get asked to do a shoot with her, and it ended up working out great! I hope to see her again at shows in the future!”

Dean: How is your training going? Are you working on improving anything specific with your physique?

Amanda: “My training just gets better and better; I have the best training partner in the world, my boyfriend, Mikey. We are constantly pushing each other to improve everything about our physiques, but the body parts I’m concentrating most on are my calves, which I want to bring up a lot; my glutes, which need more “pop”; and my back, specifically my lats. I need to work on my V-taper.”

Dean: Where do you plan on competing next?

Amanda: “My next show coming up is the Western Regionals here in the Phoenix area which will be held November 1st; following up the year with the Excalibur in Culver City, California in December. I would love to compete at the Nationals this year, IF I could find a sponsor!! And I plan on doing the USA’s next July as a light heavyweight.”

Dean: Amanda, this sounds like an exciting time for you. Although you looked great as a figure competitor, it really sounds like you’ve found a true passion in bodybuilding which must be thrilling. I’ll be rooting for you to get that pro card soon. Good luck and thanks for your time!

Here’s a teaser of Amanda.


~ by Dean Sucich on August 20, 2008.

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