Peak Princess Klaudia Larson Earns Spot in Bodybuilding’s Big Show

Well known to bodybuilding fans, the Swedish Sensation needs no introduction — just a flex to reveal those signature peaks.

There are great arms and then there is Klaudia Larson, who puts the “bi” in biceps with her dazzling, chiseled splits and leaves the spectator breathless every time she squeezes her amazing, mountainous peaks. The thought of a contest shape Klaudia hitting concentration curls or hero curls in the gym, working those trademark peaks to a dramatic pump, is enough to send the heart of a bicep fan racing in frenzied rapture.

Many will agree Klaudia's magnificent bicep peaks have no equal.

Rock over Rocks: Many will agree, Klaudia's magnificent bicep peaks have no equal.

Moreover, Klaudia’s profoundly muscular overall look never ceases to astonish and judges in Florida agreed last weekend. The 36-year-old Nordic muscle goddess inched closer to the top of the IFBB echelon by placing second at the Tampa Pro and qualifying for the Olympia.

But Klaudia isn’t waiting until September to compete next. Today, she takes her act to the Europa Super Show looking to boost her momentum even more with a win in the Lone Star State.

Meanwhile, check out how great she looks in this interview with Muscular Development at the Tampa show, featuring the affable Klaudia chatting backstage and enjoying some post-show cake. There’s also posing highlights — did I mention something about contest shape peaks? Good luck this weekend, Klaudia!

You can see more of Klaudia, our peak princess here at the Studio, at her member site and fan site.

* * *

Canadian Corner: Congratulations to Wendy Lindquist, who took third at the annual Femsport Strength and Fitness Challenge in Vancouver. Complete results haven’t been posted yet but individual placings are up on the official site. This calls for a celebratory picture of one of our favorite and prettiest Canucks!



~ by Dean Sucich on August 15, 2008.

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