Happy Birthday, Lauren Beckham!

Sporty figure competitor Lauren Beckham — the jewel of the Gem State and one of our most popular models at the Studio — is someone you’d just love to go hiking with, although you’d probably need a GPS just to keep up with her.

The strapping, 5-foot-9 blond from Boise, Idaho celebrates her 24th birthday today. Lauren’s radiating health and fitness provides a perfect, outdoorsy symbol of the rugged, Rocky Mountain northwest.

Moreover, Lauren’s distinct “girl next door with muscle” charms are on display in her sweet and sassy tandem footage with the equally stunning bodybuilder Amanda Folstad. This latest Sisters In Arms entry is the sexiest yet, a box office blockbuster combination of muscle and beauty.

Too Hot For Tinseltown: Figure starlet Lauren Beckham poses with Arizona bodybuilder Amanda Folstad during their Studio shoot in Los Angeles.

Watch Lauren and Amanda compare their impressive biceps and flash their muscular legs in this fun and flirtatious teaser. Notice how Lauren doesn’t give up much in the quads department next to the bigger Amanda. Figure and bodybuilding stars shining under the Hollywood sun.



~ by Dean Sucich on August 6, 2008.

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