Meriza DeGuzman: Little Figure Pro Thinking Big

Dean / Kriv Studios Blog

by Dean / Kriv Studios Blog

Muscular, alluring and petite, Meriza DeGuzman is quite an ironic little package. Standing only 4-foot-11, the 34-year-old figure girl would just edge above the minimum height requirements for riders at the big amusement park roller coasters. But for someone who doesn’t stretch the tape very far in terms of length, her accomplishments in the fitness industry have proven to reach across hemispheres.

Before she became an IFBB pro, Meriza competed in a contest in Japan; there were no figure divisions, so she took the stage as a bodybuilder. The year was 2002, and after winning the Ms. Yokusoka Bodybuilding Championship, Meriza traversed the great pond and embarked on a career in figure that would soon take her to the ultimate stage — the 2007 Olympia.

Meriza grew up in the Philippines, where the beguiling islander owes both her distinct Asian beauty and the impetus to her athletic endeavors. She played volleyball and ran track, but was a natural in sports like gymnastics and cheerleading — even rising to the cheer captaincy in high school — where it helps to be at least twice as strong as the average 108-pounder.

The global success of this striking Filipina — with her amazing back, stunning biceps and dazzling smile — sweeps into cyberspace as well. Meriza’s superior website functions as a hub for fans following her figure show performances and a link for aspiring workout enthusiasts seeking to plumb her expertise as a certified personal trainer.

It’s also where the enterprising Meriza offers a new video, “The Art of Figure,” which she calls an “informative look at the competitive sport of Figure, what it takes to shape your body to perfection and how to display it with poise and polish.” Check out the preview on her homepage.

Meriza worked out out and posed for the Studio in 2007 while she was still an NPC competitor. She would go on to earn her Pro Card -- and qualify for the Olympia -- later in the year.

Meriza worked out and posed for the Studio in 2007 while she was still an NPC competitor. She would go on to earn her Pro Card and finish third in the Tournament of Champions -- her very first pro show -- qualifying for the Olympia in the same year.

On deck for Meriza is the Europa Super Show in Dallas on August 16th, where she hopes to place high enough to qualify for the Olympia in Las Vegas in September. “I promise everyone,” Meriza cheerfully declares on her website, “you haven’t seen anything yet from this little physique.”

This “little physique” may add some big trophies to her case before long.

* * *

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