Rookie Bodybuilder Deanna Harvick Sparkles Without Sequins

Kicking off the figure heels she wore for the Junior USAs, Deanna Harvick made her bodybuilding debut last month, cheerfully swaggering on the Junior Nationals stage. The enchanting 23-year-old from Beaumont, Texas would go on to place fourth in the light-heavyweight class.

Afterward, Deanna rhapsodized about the experience and the switch. “I loved every minute of being on that stage as a bodybuilder,” she wrote to fans on Sioux Country. “I can’t even begin to express how much fun it is compared to figure.”

Actually, she can… and did.

During our shoot with Deanna the day after the competition, both the seductive pomp in her posing and stunning physique — chiseled, impenetrable eight-pack abs; baseball-shaped, 13-inch biceps; steely, column-like legs — leave little doubt this blond lass is meant for bodybuilding.

Moreover, Deanna’s brilliant facial expressions and hypnotic, catlike eyes — beautiful, enigmatic and fierce — create a presence too commanding to be lost on a crowded figure stage. Even while the glass ceiling in the host hotel was getting pummeled by hail in a mercurial Chicago weather moment, we couldn’t be more oblivious as Deanna posed in her cute black shorts and sports bra.

An athletic background counting volleyball, basketball, softball and track sounds solid enough. But those activities seem merely pedestrian compared to Deanna’s four years of power lifting in high school — during which she set a state record in the 148-pound class with an incredible 415-pound squat!

In case you’re wondering, and I certainly did, most girls at that level are doing pretty well lifting slightly more than half that weight.

* * *

Still Going Strong: Nancy Georges, 39, appeared in the very first Fitness America Pageant. Now an IFBB Figure Pro and personal trainer, the strapping, 5-foot-9 brunette from Los Angeles looks as amazing as ever. Check out her razor-sharp calves in some smoldering footage from a recent photoshoot.

Read more about this complex competitor on her website — check out the bicep obsession gallery — and sample her quirky but fascinating clips on hypnotherapy. Her beauty alone may put you in a trance.

Click on Nancy to visit her website

Click Nancy to visit her website. Photo Credit:

* * *

Nice Comeback: Amy Martin finished tenth in her class at the Junior Nationals but rebounded splendidly this past weekend, snatching the overall title at the USA’s in Las Vegas. Thanks to Muscular Development for this interview with the ecstatic and gorgeous winner after the show.

Dan Ray.

Photo Credit: Dan Ray


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