Interview With Figure Girl Crystal Piercy

Dean / Kriv Studios Blog

by Dean / Kriv Studios Blog

New Kriv model Crystal Piercy is really some kind of wonder woman. Not only is she an Olympic-level martial artist in the sport of judo and an aspiring figure girl — who recently took her first steps on the National stage at the Junior Nationals — but the 31-year-old short class competitor is also a Registered Nurse in her hometown of Colorado Springs.

I caught up with Crystal to get her take on Chicago as well as a glimpse into her future plans in the sport and more. My sincerest thanks to Crystal for taking time out of her very busy schedule for this exclusive interview.

Dean: Hi Crystal. Dean, from Kriv Studios here — I was part of Lou’s crew that did a shoot with you in Chicago at the Junior Nationals. Sorry the show didn’t go as well as I’m sure you hoped; but I thought you looked great and was surprised you didn’t place much higher! It being your first national show, was it a good experience?

Crystal: “Hi Dean. It was absolutely wonderful to meet you guys in Chicago. It was a great experience and although everything didn’t pan out as I’d liked…I learned a lot and am so excited to improve the package for the next show,” [winks].

Dean: Did anything surprising or unexpected happen at this show?

Crystal: “I was very surprised at how much time you are actually on the stage! The competition takes ALL DAY…but you as an individual are only up there for a few minutes.”

Dean: Are there any training tweaks, or special areas you’ll target, to improve for next time?

Crystal: “I’ll definitely be tweaking my lower body for my next show. I was very worried going in about all the drama on the judging criteria (coming in too hard); so, I tried going a bit on the softer side in the legs. As a ‘petite athlete,’ my legs just look a little too bulky going that route and balance is so important in figure. I will also be working on my presentation.”

Dean: Since it was your first big show and there was such a large group of competitors, did you feel any more or less nervous?

Crystal: “Although this was a large show…I was not nervous. I used to travel to other countries and fight against the best athletes in the world! In judo your last 5 months of training can be over in 5 seconds if you do not rise to the occasion. To be quite honest…I am so accustomed to contact sports where the winner is cut and dry…intimidating is a better word than nervous. There were so many beautiful women in the competition and you never know which way the judges are going to go. It’s difficult when the results are ‘out of your hands.’ So you just get feedback and start pushing forward for the next one!”

Dean: Did you have any friends at the show that you competed against before, or make new ones?

Crystal: “Surprisingly enough, there were multiple competitors that I had seen before in shows. Colorado always has a wonderful showing. NPC Chairman Jeff Taylor promotes great shows and the results for these athletes at the next level is awesome!

“I met many wonderful people at this show (yourself and Lou included). I always hear about all the ‘catty girls’ at the shows; but I did not experience this. Maybe it’s because they know I can break their arm or choke ’em out [laughs]. Just kidding. Meeting new and interesting people is one of the main reasons why it makes the shows enjoyable for me.”

Dean: Would you share some details about your next show or any fitness-related challenges you have coming up?

Crystal: “My future plans are to train for the Figure Nationals in Atlanta [on November 21st]. I just passed the NCLEX and started as a RN on a medical/cardiac floor; so the next few months will be very busy for me. I figure this will give me enough time to get situated at my place of employment and work on the things that need improvement on stage.

“As well, my old coach has been trying to get me to come back to judo. The US Open is coming back to Colorado Springs and he thinks it would be great to give my old rivals a ‘surprise visit.’ Sounds VERY TEMPTING!”

Dean: Last question. We fans love to know anything when it comes to beautiful fitness and figure girls, even something as random as what it feels like to ride in an elevator or walk down a sidewalk full of average people knowing you are the healthiest and strongest?

Crystal: “As far as comparing myself to the average person…I try not to do such a thing. Many people underestimate me at first glance so I know first hand that the ‘average person’ might surprise you BIGTIME [smiles]. Instead, I try to learn from everyone I encounter. BUT…I will admit it is kinda fun to walk into a gym full of mixed martial arts guys and bring their ego down a few notches when necessary,” [smirks].

Dean: The confidence you alluded to in that last part of your answer is just what we love to hear and makes a fitting end! Thanks very much, Crystal, for giving us this interview! Thanks, too, for being so sweet in Chicago. It was really nice to meet you and best of luck!!

Crystal: “Thanks Dean. Hopefully, I’ll see you guys in the future! Let me know as things on the site get updated!”

See Crystal’s contest pics and a sneak preview of her video coming soon!


~ by Dean Sucich on July 23, 2008.

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  1. I used to teach Brazilian jiu Jitsu to this Champion and would love to see her keep up the game!

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