Girl Next Door With Diamond Calves is a Pretty Sharp Discovery

Anyone whose been to a show or watched enough Expo clips knows that sometimes it isn’t the talent on stage or behind the booths that is most striking, but some of the fans themselves. Scuttlebutt suggests the Emerald Cup near Seattle, a city into it’s fitness apparently, is a great place for new discoveries. But you never know where the next star will be.

In Rosemont — where a sprawling hotel lobby gave way to the tight quarters of the convention area — soaking in as much of the gorgeous scenery was a delightful challenge. With so much beauty and muscle in one place, in all shapes and sizes, blinking was a risky reflex.

But you couldn’t likely miss this one girl, a young college student on summer vacation, unless you had blinders on. A story waiting to be told, she ambled through the show with wide-eyed curiosity, shimmering dark hair and the kind of movie-star good looks that would usurp scrawny Angelina What’s-Her-Name in a Hollywood heartbeat.

And if the cute, tennis-ball biceps she brandished drew mere looks; her whopping, diamond-cut, dramatically vascular calves drew gasps.

At 5-feet-tall and 115-pounds, you would have quickly deduced that the petite but very sturdy little minx was an aspiring competitor with a broad athletic background, like cheerleading or gymnastics; conversely, her amazing physique is largely the result of superb genetic engineering (her mom was muscular, too, she said) and owes little to regular workouts.

Getting to know her, she was self-effacing yet charismatic, savvy with just a splash of youthful naiveté. Awash in compliments that rained over her in a veritable deluge, she remained unpretentious and humble, genuinely surprised and flattered that her muscles were generating such furor.

With such an ego boost heaped upon her, it seemed only human that a flash or two of narcissism would surface, but even then you could write it off as part of her performance. The polish and poise she demonstrated during our shoot was a triumph of acting, especially for a rookie.

Moreover, there’s the quick wit revealed in her brilliant, completely impromptu “secret of the shirt” bit (a hilarious FemFlex parody/tribute). It was all good practice; downstate at her scholastic haunt, the prestigious University of Illinois, she’s a theater major.

That is, of course, the home of the Fighting Illini, where a throng of students dressed in team colors form a raucous cheering section at games called “Orange Krush.” Imagining such a set of marble calves and chiseled quads among the group twists the nickname into a delectable metaphor for muscle and strength that no other rallying cry can top.

This marvelous girl and stunning discovery coming soon to the Studio is otherwise known simply as Samantha. She’s one of those girl-next-door muscle types — the best you’re likely to see in eons — who might have came to her first show thinking she was just an ordinary girl.

But she left knowing she was a star.



~ by Dean Sucich on July 11, 2008.

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