Sneak Peek: Figure Girl Crystal Piercy

She may be small, but don’t mess with Crystal Piercy!

Once an Olympic-caliber athlete in the sport of Judo, Crystal is now a rising figure star from Colorado who flexed mightily and resplendently for Studio cameras just before competing in the short class at the Jr Nationals; it was her first national show after winning several local events back in her home state.

Dressed in a cute, candy-striped crop top and khaki shorts, Crystal was in dazzlingly sexy contest-shape — a lovely, taut 5-foot-tall, 105-pound bundle of steely abs and subtly peaked biceps — and all smiles, seemingly bubbling with energy and anticipation, I thought, of the exciting stage spotlight to come.

Look for Crystal’s debut — with her charming, exquisite combination of polished athleticism, shapely muscle and fetching femininity — on the Studio soon.


NOTE: Here’s the link to the Nicole Gilchrest and Cindy Shy videos that’s missing from the main site. Must be a website gremlin on the home site — but the Blog is here to save the day.


~ by Dean Sucich on July 10, 2008.

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