Danielle Kifer: Starry-Eyed, Swan-Like Princess With Chiseled Biceps

I’m nothing if not fascinated by subtle quirks that make people distinctive — especially beautiful fitness girls — and Danielle Kifer has this cute idiosyncrasy where her eyes dart wildly from side to side when she’s thinking of something unusual.

I noticed it during one of her clips, when she recalled the strange way a woman reacted to her amazing arm muscle; and again, when I mentioned another clip in which she fearlessly fed a chomping swan while posing regally for her shoot in Las Vegas.

Both moments — someone gawking peculiarly at your strikingly muscular arm and tossing lettuce toward the lunging beak of a hungry bird — are a little offbeat and Danielle uses her eyes as punctuation the way a writer uses adjectives. It’s bright and adorable, especially since her eyes are big and blue and seem to sparkle in the light like gems.

Obviously, there’s more to her than a pair of highly expressive eyes — lovely, dimpled smile; long, ash-blond hair; marbleized, stunningly peaked biceps — but it’s sort of like the proverbial cherry topping whip cream on a 5-foot-5, 130-pound figure girl sundae.

Danielle grew up in San Diego where her athletic background blossomed with extensive training in track and field, her website reads. She soon gravitated towards fitness and moved to Louisiana where she became a personal trainer and aspiring figure competitor. Her recent 6th place finish in Figure D at the Jr Nationals was formidable considering there were a whopping 37 girls in the class.

Here’s a teaser starring Danielle — one of my favorites and one of the prettiest girls on the Studio — with her cute eyes, great muscles, and the aformentioned waterfowl. There’s nothing fowl about it.

* * *

Last Reps: Deanna Harvick is a figure competitor turned bodybuilder, part of our great lineup of shoots from the Jr Nationals. She’s a sweetheart and her new photos capture movie star good-looks and eight pack abs much better than this grainy, docu-blog footage from my little digital camera. Anyway, I tried. I’ll stick to my keyboard though. More to come on Deanna.



~ by Dean Sucich on July 5, 2008.

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