Expo Files – June

Time to take another random tour of the delightful hodgepodge known as the Event galleries.

A former cheerleader, dancer and high-level gymnast, 23-year-old Danielle Rouleau is one of the up and coming young beauties featured on the very sharp FigureRx site — along with Ali Huston, Allison Moyer, Erin Riley, Lindsey Cope, Kriv model Jamie Reed and fellow Gladiator Beth Horn. There’s a backstage forum where fans can learn training tips and secrets; follow the athletes from contest preparation to the end of a show; get news about their latest photo and fitness modeling shoots; and sometimes just read random stuff.

Danielle’s excellent personal website contains plenty of freebies, a members area and an e-store where fans can purchase autographed photos.

* * *

The very popular fitness model Jamie Eason poses with powerlifter and Kriv girl Ingrid Marcum.

Jamie has a video series at her sponsor site with workout footage and behind the scenes coverage of photo shoots. Jamie’s introspective thoughts on health and fitness are always interesting.

* * *

Didn’t think I could mention her in this post without slipping in a pic, did you?

Our own Jamie Reed of American Gladiators — she lends moody intensity and sexy ferocity to her character, “Fury” — worked her tail off to earn a spot on the show and is ultimately one of few bright spots on the largely shrill smugfest overflowing with self-aggrandizing male machismo. Luckily, her new clips and photos at the Studio are twice as hot (check out that granite tricep above) without the shrieking and pyrotechnics.



~ by Dean Sucich on June 30, 2008.

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