First Look: Figure Girl Jennifer Rish

For those of you encountering a similarly jaw-dropping moment perusing the excellent galleries of smoking hot new Kriv model Jennifer Rish, the thought of her HD video swells with anticipation.

Jennifer recently competed in the California State Championships but had to settle for last place in her class. Go figure. Looking over her contest photos from Hard Fitness Magazine, one can only suppose the judges must have thought she was too “soft” for the show.

Her photos for the Studio lend an entirely different vibe. Removed from the spotlight and microscope of the stage, it’s easy to admire her subtle, girl-next-door muscularity and intense beauty. Simply put, the best thing to like about Jennifer — her deep, soulful brown eyes; her warm, disarming smile; her mysterious, shadow-like dark hair — is everything.

And, oh yes, there’s Jennifer’s calves — huge, powerful, melon-crushing calves — that put her in the upper echelon of fitness calvesdom (alongside names like Tanya Merryman, Lindsay Boswell, Jane Awad, and Jen Delano). Underlining the fact, the site Physical Designs Photography generously supplied this youtube trailer of lovely Jennifer sure to delight leg enthusiasts.

Sibling Rivalry: Jennifer (left) compares calves with her sister. There’s definitely some great leg genetics sweeping across the family tree.

* * *

Last Reps: Superstar British Columbia figure competitor and muscular sweetheart Macey Boudreau — with her beautiful, magnificently peaked 13-inch biceps — is training for the upcoming Canadian Nationals. Be sure to check out her candid, entertaining and sometimes very funny blog for progress reports. Macey also has her own youtube channel featuring some great workout clips, including a terrific concentration curl clip. Good luck, Macey!



~ by Dean Sucich on June 19, 2008.

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