Stacy Adams’ Muscles Have ‘Hulk’ Lineage, sort of

In her videos at the Studio, adorable Stacy Adams — a 5-foot-3, 123-pound fitness girl with flowing blond hair and an infectious smile — is so cute and shy that the idea of her having anything to do with The Incredible Hulk sounds like an exaggeration straight out of the comic book world.

Asked about how she got into fitness, Stacy shared this recollection with “I started working out when I was 14 with my dad in our basement. We had a whole gym set up that my dad purchased from Lou Ferrigno’s father in NYC.”

Stacy would go on to play soccer in college, joining a gym to stay in shape during the off season. From that point, working out — with high intensity and heavy weight — became part of her life. Today, Stacy is a personal trainer and competitor who placed second in her first fitness show!

Here’s a teaser to prove that Stacy’s incidental association with a certain character doesn’t involve her ever morphing into a ferocious green monster. With muscles like hers, you don’t want to get her angry — although, what am I saying, Stacy’s dangerous side is probably pretty darn sexy!



~ by Dean Sucich on June 17, 2008.

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