Figure Girl, Fitness Mom Noel Clark

Check out this great interview with Kriv model Noel Clark at the Women’s Fitness, Figure and Bodybuilding forum

Like many aspiring competitors, Noel dreams of winning a Pro Card, figure’s ultimate prize and payoff for all the hours of dedicated nutrition and training. But back in her hometown of Marietta, Georgia, the 31-year-old mother is already a winner in a much more important capacity.

Indeed, the lifestyle of health and fitness that Noel — a strapping 5-foot-8, 150-pound (137 at contest time) pillar of strength coiffed in sandy blond curls — has established for her three young girls is already paying dividends. While one child has been bitten by the acting bug (perhaps inspired her mother’s own performances on stage) another is involved in gymnastics. And confirming that the proverbial apple never falls too far from the tree, Noel’s other girl plays soccer (Noel played collegiate soccer for the University of Auburn).

But even though her kids may differ in subtle ways with their own set of unique interests, Noel reveals that they are all together on one thing; they all agree that it’s not only normal to have a mom with muscle — it’s awesome!

The positive impact Noel has had on her sporty brood is heartwarming in this profile, in which she shares the proud moment when one of her girls shows up with a flex and the sweet comment “look at my muscle, mommy.” Clearly, Noel is doing a great job as a fitness mom and role model.

Here’s hoping she gets that Pro Card soon — and that her gym membership comes with a family plan.



~ by Dean Sucich on June 14, 2008.

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