Muscle & Beauty Hat Trick

The Stanley Cup Final skates on tonight but we have a Cup of a different sort (Emerald, to be exact) with a look at three outstanding ladies — Mary Ann Graves (top middle), Sarah Hayes (top right), and Kelly Dobbins (top left) — photographed together at the annual Seattle area show.

Kelly is a lightweight bodybuilder whose size and thickness defy her 5-foot-2, 127-pound frame. Looking superhuman in her lean, contest-ready Studio shoot — sporting steely abs and baseball biceps that look considerably bigger than the 13-inches her website declares — Kelly’s famously prominent veins are in full bloom, zigzagging over her upper body as if it were a road map of the human vasculature.

I love the way Sarah’s baby face cuteness combines with her powerful traps — a delectable portrait of feminine beauty and muscle! The young brunette bodybuilder debuts with a softer look, more off-seasonish but no less impressive. Sarah’s softball-sized biceps command a double take while her sexy, curvy legs are the kind short-shorts were made for. The more you look at this girl, the more you like her.

Your intrepid blogger encountered something of a conundrum when it came to the lovely but unclassifiable Mary Ann Graves. At the Studio, she’s categorized as a bodybuilder but everywhere else I looked listed her as figure. Only the webmaster knows for sure, but perhaps her show of strength during the Lifts With Lou segment impressed her so much that she decided to switch from quarter turns to double bicep poses. Details soon.

Regardless of her division, Mary Ann is a seductive temptress — my favorite of the three — with flowing, light brown hair; expressive, melting blue eyes; and an exquisite, devastating smile. Studio cameras caught her in voluptuous off-season condition, with deceptively subtle but shapely muscles and radiating healthiness. It’s beyond the limits of metaphor to say that Mary Ann is heart-skips-a-beat beautiful.

Last Reps: The website is new to me but Physical Designs Photography, geared to leg enthusiasts, has samples of Mary Ann, Sarah, and Kelly on its You Tube channel. Of course, Kelly’s several Studio clips are already on; hopefully, the wait for Mary Ann and Sarah in HD won’t be too long. Stay tuned!


~ by Dean Sucich on June 4, 2008.

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