Expo Files — May

I thought I’d try something a little different today and begin a special series, Expo Files, designed to showcase the extensive Event Archives at the Studio. This gives me a chance to write about some of the various competitors from the galleries whom might not be “official” Kriv models yet. I’ll post at least one of these a month.


* * *

Jamie Eason:

Reese Witherspoon of Fitness

Sexy Texan Jamie Eason is a very busy girl. Along with photoshoots and training, the 5-foot-2, 32-year-old WNSO Fitness Model and WNBF Figure Pro has penned numerous columns for Bodybuilding.com discussing health, nutrition and training. That’s also her at the Fit Expo 2008 (clip #7) signing autographs and schmoozing with fans.

One of Jamie’s quotes is irresistible fitness fan fodder. On why she loves training: “I love the stress relief it offers and how powerful it feels to push heavy weights.”

I love it when the girls talk like that!

Lindsey Cope:

Worth another look, the highly popular rising figure star Lindsey Cope — with her gorgeous smile, flowing platinum-blond hair and bone-crushing traps — talks about winning her first show and shares a few weightlifting stats in this interview courtesy of FTVideo.

Lindsey’s combination of extreme beauty, thick muscle and brute strength tantalizingly blurs the line between bodybuilding and figure.

Ali Huston:

World\'s Strongest Figure Girl

And speaking of strength, Ali Huston — a strapping, radiant 5-foot-9, 22-year-old figure girl and soon-to-be Creighton University graduate from Omaha, Nebraska — is amazingly, mind-bogglingly strong. The site FigureRX calls her “maybe the strongest figure competitor ever.” How strong? Her bench press (275) is almost double her bodyweight (150). Keep an eye out for Ali’s website which is currently in the works.



~ by Dean Sucich on May 27, 2008.

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