The Unstoppable Tina Durkin

In only her second year competing, fitness girl Tina Durkin accomplished something many in the sport are still dreaming of. At the 2007 Fitness Nationals in Dallas, Tina won the overall title over a tough field of competitors — including fellow Kriv Studios model and former Fitness America Champ Tanya Merryman.

It was a catharsis in a long, winding journey for the 5-foot-3 Tina. As she shares on her website, the 31-year-old Ohio-native has an ambitious athletic resume — including everything from high school softball, basketball and track to volleyball and cheerleader for the Wright State Raiders — as well as time spent as a member of the United States Air Force Reserves during college.

Tina married and moved to California after graduation (she has a BA in Business Management); however, the cross country shift produced some growing pains that led to a hiatus from the gym. Ironically, it was a grueling pregnancy that actually restored Tina’s fitness aspirations. Blessedly, everything turned out fine (Tina had a healthy baby girl, Evelyn, by emergency c-section) but it was a wake-up call. “I figured if I could go through 9 months of sickness and a horrible delivery, then I could diet and train to compete,” she wrote.

She did — earning an IFBB Pro Card for that win in Dallas.

These days, Tina has a pretty fair excuse for time off (a herniated disk in her back requiring surgery) but she’ll be back. Unstoppable fitness girls like her are sometimes down, but never out.

* * *

Last Reps: Check out more of pretty Tina — like her sweet, humble personality and rippling abs — in this interview she gave for You can also see many contest pictures of Tina at Hard Fitness Online. And don’t forget her Sisters in Arms footage on the Studio, in which she gives it her all against the much bigger Katie Madden.

Hope you’re all having a splendid holiday weekend!


~ by Dean Sucich on May 25, 2008.

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