Sizzling Angela Terlesky Heats Up Arizona

On the bio page at her excellent website, the articulate and beautiful Kriv Studios star Angela Terlesky — whose effusive page of video delights has recently been updated — talks about how she was “awestruck” when she won the contest that earned her an IFBB Figure Pro card in July of ’06.

Awestruck is a good word to describe this blogger’s feeling when I first saw the former gymnast flex her bicep — an unbelievable ball of muscle with so many dramatic lines of definition it looks like a peak atop a peak.

A massage therapist when she’s not pushing iron — and she can push a lot of it — Angela decided to shift to the sun kissed sands of Phoenix to escape the dreary winters of Michigan, her hometown. “I consider myself a sun worshiper,” she writes, “and love the outdoors where it’s warm.”

Success has come regularly for the 5-foot-4, 25-year-old strawberry blond; she has collected an astonishing three wins in only four competitions so far, putting her on a hot streak that surely rivals any summer in the Grand Canyon State.

Her best victory, however, might have come long before she stepped on stage. One day, Angela bet a male training friend that she’d cross the finish line first in a race to a six-pack. She won. “From that day,” she remembers, “I was hooked on working out.”

~ by Dean Sucich on May 16, 2008.

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