Abby Marie is a Flawless Favorite

My favorite fitness girl used to be Amanda Swallow, a sinewy ball of muscle and sweetness — with perhaps the greatest peaks ever on an otherwise tantalizingly petite 5-foot-tall, gymnastic-fortified frame — who inexplicably vanished from the sport just when it seemed she was poised to take it over.

But time marches on, tears slowly dry, old low-res clips endure (Amanda didn’t stick around long enough for HD… sigh) and as the sun sets on an old favorite it dawns on a new.

Well the sun has risen again and her name is Abby Marie.

The indefatigable 30-year-old blond and Texas A&M graduate (a Big 12 girl!) is a former gymnast turned fitness competitor described as a “powerhouse of a chiseled physique” in this local news story from her hometown of Austin. She talks about juggling pregnancy with training (another mom in amazing shape, for those of you keeping score); and, on her website, Abby writes about the way fitness provided another venue — as this magnificent sport so often does — for the thrill of competition she was missing post gymnastics.

The Studio photographed the flawless Abby — with her sharp calves, deeply cut abs, and biceps so lean and defined you can see the fibers tensing as she squeezes a flex — from venerable Venice Beach amidst a throng of Los Angeles denizens, many of whom can’t help but stop and stare at the effortless pull ups, the balance beam tricks and the brilliantly seductive posing.

Who can possibly blame them? The Studio could never have enough of her. Abby Marie, fitness goddess, my new favorite.


~ by Dean Sucich on May 15, 2008.

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