Quick Takes

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Stare Down: Today’s picture suggests new model Tina Hawkins is thoroughly capable of intimidating with size and strength; that is, if the fierce figure competitor’s icy expression and piercing blue eyes don’t grab your attention first. The steely 33-year-old looks to capture similar acclaim as she stalks out of the tall class later this season…

In the Gym: Amy Davis

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Great Lakes Girl: Amy Davis is a Tri-Fitness and figure competitor from Ohio.

Well-spoken and charismatic Amy Davis neatly summarizes the Tri-Fitness obstacle course challenge she participates in during this flashback from her memorable 2008 gym segment. Great physique, cute and confident, this girl has what it takes to turn into a star for the cameras.

Switching to figure shows the following year, she placed seventh in the tall class at the NPC Natural Northern USA held in Lakewood, Ohio.

The 33-year-old began a lifelong association with athletics playing soccer and softball while growing up in nearby Cleveland. Her passion continued through high school with stretches in volleyball and track, where the 5-foot-11 brunette once tied a school record in the high jump competition. Amy fell in love with lifting weights in college and has been a fixture at the gym since.

Buzz Surrounds New Asian Sensation

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Yeon Woo Ji behind the scenes at the 2010 Fitness International show.

With her catchy combination of striking good looks, well proportioned muscle and shy sweetness, it’s no surprise Yeon Woo Ji quickly captivated fans and photographers since the 26-year-old hardbody from Seoul, South Korea made her U.S. debut late last year.

Competitively, the raven-haired beauty seems a natural fit for the new physique division — owning a powerfully built, seductively feminine look stationed between figure and bodybuilding — but we‘ll ponder those possibilities later. Right now, let’s enjoy her sharply defined curves and girl next door cuteness in this short highlight from Las Vegas. More to come from this very exciting discovery.

Track & Field Whiz Extends Reach to Figure Competitions

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Air Apparent: Track star Tissilli Brandi hopes to reach new heights in NPC figure.

The latest primetime athlete premiering on the studio is the dynamic and highly talented Tissilli Brandi, a longtime track & field star who plans to take up a new challenge as an NPC figure competitor later this year.

The Atlanta native began track pursuit during her early teens and has since become a formidable presence in the sport, having produced results that turned her into a national standout and an Olympic hopeful. Along the way, she earned an athletic scholarship to the University of Alabama and showed plenty of academic as well as athletic prowess while at Tuscaloosa, graduating with degrees in both psychology and sociology.

These days, in addition to track dreams and figure aspirations, the ambitious 26-year-old is also a certified personal trainer with her own business called Total Trans4mations, a brainstorm first launched when her knowledge of health and fitness helped a severely overweight friend turn her life around.

In this excellent profile video, you can see Tissilli enthusiastically directing clients through intense boot camp sessions, revealing that her passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals is just as important as reaching her own — a hallmark of some of the best.

We’re excited to see what kind of impact Tissilli has on the industry’s most popular amateur figure stage. Already a sturdy package at 5-foot-4 and 130-pounds, exchanging running shoes for figure heels should be a breeze for this sweet Georgia peach.

In the Gym: Jodi Marchuck

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Nice Shot: Jodi pauses for a picture between sets.

No surprise when asked about body parts drawing the most compliments, figure girl Jodi Marchuck was quick to point out her outstanding legs and abs. You can see just why in this great new sample clip featuring the up and coming California competitor getting serious on lower body and core development during her shoot.

Jodi is aiming to impress the judges on the NPC stage later this year; but first, the soon-to-be certified personal trainer is here demonstrating expert form with sets of perfectly executed crunches and calf raises. Check out the intensity in her workout — she means business in the gym!

Meanwhile, just in case you missed it, here’s a link to my interview with Jodi from last fall.

Natural Fitness Athlete Jodi Tiahrt Debuts

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An updated version of my earlier post on Jodi Tiahrt, revised with photos from her shoot posted today.

Iron Diva: Sports Model of the Year Jodi Tiahrt poses inside the famous gym.

Jodi Tiahrt is a championship-caliber fitness and bikini competitor and one of the exciting young stars of the INBA organization. She won the Bikini Diva award and was named Female Sports Model of the Year this summer at the World Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships in Anaheim, California.

But that’s only the beginning. The multi-talented 32-year-old recently added national level figure competitions to her all-encompassing list after taking the stage at last summer’s USAs in Las Vegas, where she lives and studies exercise physiology.

Strength & Skills: The new figure girl still cheerfully demonstrates all the right moves that made her a top competitor on the fitness stage.

The 5-foot-8, 128-pound blue-eyed blonde started weight training at the age of 12 and has been competing the past five years, most notably in the fitness category where she was recently a top ten finisher at the 2010 Ms. Fitness Nationals.

Not to be overlooked, her Sports Model of the Year honor was as much a celebration of outstanding overall shape and superior stage presence as it was a tribute to her commitment to natural health & fitness. When it comes to diet, only clean eating, protein shakes and multivitamins here, folks.

It’s always exciting discovering admirable new athletes from other federations and Jodi certainly fills the bill.

Quick Takes

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Pacific Paradise: Providing a refreshing splash of summer during a chilly winter, here’s the always impressive Katka Kyptova doing a jaunty balancing act of sorts during a scenic, oceanfront shoot along the Southern California coast. She has one of the most adorable smiles in all of bodybuilding.

Also, check out the Czech Republic crowd pleaser in a recent event held in Europe, rocking the house with an athletic and entertaining guest posing routine that blended flexibility and finesse with her playful personality. Katka competes next at the Arnold beginning March 3rd.


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