Stephanie Willes Makes Big Leap to Bodybuilding

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Shortly after completing her debut as a bodybuilder, former figure girl Stephanie Willes was already pondering the next move in her journey on stage. “Women’s Bodybuilding is here to stay,” she wrote enthusiastically on her blog, “but in 2011 the addition of Women’s Physique will be interesting to say the least. Only time will tell where I fit in.”

As the landscape of the sport changes, many competitors are having similar thoughts. Fortunately, there was no question where Stephanie fit in at the Las Vegas Classic last November after the 5-foot-4, 132-pound middleweight won her class and was crowned overall bodybuilding champ in her hometown show. “My switch to bodybuilding was a great move for me,” Stephanie wrote. “All my hard work and dedication is paying off.”

Congrats to Stephanie on her rookie win and best of luck as she makes her way to the national level. For now, her contest plans are undecided but we’ll keep you posted on where she lands next… Meanwhile, stay tuned for news on last week’s Arnold and some fresh faces coming soon.

Nancy Tremblay Preps for Jr. USAs

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Nancy poses in downtown Atlanta.

New photos are up today featuring Nancy Tremblay, whose debut shoot took place at the NPC Nationals last fall. The 34-year-old placed eighth in a highly competitive class-C, the largest of the show at 41 women.

It was the fourth show of the season for the 5-foot-3, 114-pound native of Quebec, who also took fourth at both Jr. Nationals and Team Universe. Nancy’s proudest moment of last year was a second place finish at the North Americans, where she was runner-up in her class to the eventual overall winner, Kaylen McKenzie, a gymnastics coach out of Tennessee.

After her string of great finishes, we had a chance to catch up a bit with Nancy and she sounds confident about her chances on stage this year. “I will start 2011 by attending Jr. USAs in South Carolina in May,” she said, “and work the national circuit until I obtain my IFBB Pro card.”

The national level figure girl proudly shows off her improved back development.

Competitive though not much into organized sports growing up, Nancy started lifting weights at age eighteen. She quickly became hooked on training and later earned a kinesiology degree from Laval University. Along with way, she has motivated family, friends and even co-workers into taking on the fitness lifestyle.

“A co-worker didn’t know about me competing,” Nancy explained when asked about reactions she’s gotten on her healthy look. “When the warm spring knocked at our doors,” she continued, “I wore a tank top leaving my sculpted shoulder caps exposed. He almost had a stroke (in a good way)!!! His reaction was the best I have ever seen! He started working out a little after this funny incident!”

Additionally, Nancy earned dual citizenship last year and currently is a resident of Florida. You can check out more on her new website and also look for her on, where she’s part of a team featured in a series of step aerobic and weight training DVDs.

Lara Abend — Jr. Nationals 2010

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Here’s a couple new behind the scenes clips of Lara Abend from her shoot last summer. She’s an accomplished personal trainer and a very promising competitor with the physique and makings of a future pro.

Lara wrapped up one segment with some highlight reel ab crunches, showcasing her significant core strength sculpted since formative athletic years in gymnastics and swimming led her to the figure stage.

Add to that, Lara’s bicep peaks rank among the best of any national level figure girl.

Danny J is Newest Max Muscle Cover Girl

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Leadoff Girl: Dazzling Danny J headlines the Max Muscle Sports & Fitness March issue.

Danny J, certified personal trainer, figure and bikini competitor, breathtakingly beautiful fitness model, and all-around sweetheart continues to be one of the premiere talents in the industry. Currently, she adds to her sparkling reputation by gracing the cover of the March edition of Max Sports & Fitness Magazine available at Max Muscle Nutrition stores across the country. With her adorable smile, flawless physique and profound knowledge, she represents the fitness cover girl paradigm.

The issue includes Danny’s splendid article — a comprehensive twelve-week training guide packed with tips and great pictures — and also features an inspiring story chronicling one of the myriad clients to have succeeded under the expert tutelage of the Las Vegas, Nevada fitness leader. The magazine is viewable online if you can’t pick up a copy.

Hopefully you’ll be able to get your hands on one, though, especially considering next weekend the fitness world gathers in Columbus, Ohio for the Arnold weekend. Danny will be there working the Egg Whites International booth, and I’m pretty sure she’ll be busy taking pictures and signing a lot of autographs for her many fans. She also has a birthday coming up this Tuesday, so these are exceedingly happy times for our young superstar!

Also noteworthy, Danny’s next competition is slated for May 21st. After more than a year away from the stage, she’ll be in Kansas City, Missouri to take part in the WBFF Central U.S. Championships. Expect more updates on this as we get closer to show time.

Tri-Fitness’ Kelly Decolati Turns to Figure

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Contest Shape & Sizzle: Confident and sliced Kelly Decolati poses after her figure competition at the 2010 NPC Excalibur in LA.

Kelly Decolati is another impressive Tri-Fitness competitor who’s recently taken her act to the NPC, rising to the national stage as a figure competitor. Last season included stops at Team Universe and the USAs before finishing up at the Excalibur, where she was photographed for the site after placing third in class B.

The masters figure champ at the 2008 Fitness America is a longtime certified personal trainer and group fitness director with Gold’s Gym in Las Vegas. According to her website, she began in the industry working at a health club at just 13 while growing up in Boulder, Colorado.

Kelly’s passion for Tri-Fitness style obstacle courses started back in the early 90s, and she won numerous awards until a torn ACL in 2005 threatened to pull her away from the sport. It didn’t. The determined athlete and expert teacher was able to fully recover and hasn’t lost a step as her amazing training, coaching and competitive journey now enters its fourth decade.

Cinzia Clapp Leads Charge for Better Health in Alaska

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Cinzia Clapp is on a mission to change lives and make a difference in her homestate. A champion on stage, the 41-year-old personal trainer and fitness pro — who joined the IFBB ranks after winning the medium class at last summer’s Team Universe Fitness Nationals — is also championing an intense pursuit for improving health and fitness at the training studio she owns with her husband, Shawn, in Eagle River, Alaska.

Together, the couple is rallying clients to work toward and achieve fitness goals through the launching of Fat Attack Camps, a grueling two-week plan of intense workouts and nutrition instructions focused on getting results and having fun in the process. With a teacher like Cinzia in their corner, it’s no wonder positive feedback from energized clients floods the pro’s inbox on a regular basis.

Cinzia does some fitness tricks during her ’09 shoot.

On the competitive front, this is already shaping up to be an exciting, whirlwind year for the tireless wife, mom, industry professional and contest promoter. Cinzia is preparing to perform a guest routine at Tanji Johnson’s upcoming show in Vancouver, Washington on April 2nd — returning to the same stage where she won the fitness overall in ‘08.

“I look forward to being a part of what will be another great show,” Cinzia wrote in a thread on Siouxcountry, “as well as cheering for many of my friends and to, once again, accompany our team of competitors from CMC Personal Training Studio.”

More with Cinzia at the Emerald Cup in Seattle.

From there, Cinzia’s competition plans include a trip to Ontario, Canada in June, where she’ll take on the fitness elite at the Toronto Pro. It will be just her second pro show after debuting at the 2010 Europa Supershow. No question, there will be a rooting interest up in the Northwest corner and beyond cheering for the deserving Alaska superstar to earn a berth in this year’s Olympia.

Mary Simmons Needs Your Votes

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Mary Simmons

Figure competitor Mary Simmons is asking fans to help her win in the Vitrix Team’s search for February’s Model of the Month. Please follow this link to the contest and cast a ballot in favor of our popular muscle mom and personal trainer.

Mary’s passion for the sport began at age 13, entering her first bodybuilding contest just two years later. After taking time off, she was inspired to compete again in figure and has recently risen to national level status. “Now physique is peaking my interest,” she wrote in her bio.

But she’s not the only member of the family bitten by the competition bug. Mary’s daughter, Kameron, is hoping to make her debut in the teen fitness division this April in Denver, Colorado. Expect one very proud mom to be in the audience cheering her on.


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